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I haven't updated in so long.

So, my beloved Sony Ericsson phone died. D8 I got a new one and it's love. It's lollipop cousin is prettier but feature-wise they're mostly the same so I settled for the ice cream.

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My brother is got a desktop too. :D That means I can put adobe in it and sims 3 too, since I'm taking advantage of it's quadcore processor. :D

A couple of weeks from now, I have my IntraVenous Therapy seminar. After attending it, I can get my license to insert IV lines and inject people and do blood transfusions. 8D I'm excited since I'm adept at needles and I find them fun. I just hope I can get the IV insertion thing right. OTL so for the next week, I'll be memorizing this little booklet of procedures for the return demonstration on the last day which will determine my grade for the seminar. 8D;

so I'm facing a couple weeks of study, study, study, with some periods on drawing and writing in between. The rest is for playing sims. 8D

Woohoo~! no pun intended


cai-chaaan<3 such a cute phone!
I actually want that haa xD I was looking through alabang and I saw it and I just literally told myself I wanted it!

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Hallo~ I'm TD and I like to draw. A LOT.

I've been drawing for about a year now which makes me a hopeless newb.
I'm a self-taught artist and my improvement may be slow but I'm doing all that I can to improve at my own pace.

So this blog is where I shall post most of my art in.

Feel free to browse and send me a message. I'd love to hear from you~ <3

Pleased to meet you and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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